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Firm Overview

“The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean different things”
[Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass]

Founded in 1990, A.T. Heyman Translations operates for close to three decades, providing professional translation services to various companies and organizations in Israel and overseas.

The translation firm acquired considerable reputation among clients, as a reliable and efficient organization, that renders translation services for many years, while adhering to high standards of quality and professionalism

The translation services are directed according to supervisory standards and testing methods, ensuring that high quality translations are continuously maintained. Accordingly, each and every translation job complies with clear criteria of quality, while intelligently conveying professional contents. We update routinely and adopt innovations in the professional fields, translated at the firm, in order to present a dynamic, streamlined enterprise.

Along with uncompromising professionalism, we relate much importance to schedules and providing quick and efficient translation jobs.

 No job is either too heavy or taken too lightly.


Service and Translation Languages

The translation services are rendered in various of languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, as well as additional European and other languages.

Our translation capabilities are offered in various professional fields: legal translation, advertising-marketing translation, website translation, financial-economic translation, technical-scientific translation and medical translation.

All translation jobs are executed by means of professional translators, according to their mother tongue and professional expertise.


The Team of Translators

The majority of our translators are working with our firm for many years, presenting a designed and improved team, which is still consistently examined, in order to maintain high translation quality.

Translators are joined to the firm subsequent to a meticulous examination of translation capabilities, including an examination of their professional specialization, according to various translation areas (legal, technical, etc). This is an ongoing process, that tests translation capabilities and directs professional development in the long run.


High Volume Projects

The special capabilities of the translation firm, inter alia, are expressed in the execution of high volume projects, where a translating team is formed, headed by a guiding translator, in order to execute the translation of numerous documents within the same project, drafted uniformly and seamlessly.


Translation Fields


Legal Translation

The Company offers many years of experience and expertise in the field of legal translation (litigation, agreements and proceedings).

Legal translations present a central daily aspect in our services. The capabilities offered by the firm enable us to provide professional, accurate and reliable translations. We accompany legal proceeding, and render professional uniform translations at the highest level.

Along with legal translations, we provide translation services in interfacing fields, requiring know-how in both professional areas:


Legal-Financial Translation

translations in the financial field and on the capital market are executed by means of translators, having proven capabilities in both areas.

This junction of legal and financial translation is mainly required with respect to instruments on the capital market, where know-how in both fields is a must.

The translation firm acquired much experience in this field, having translated hundreds of prospectuses toward the issuing of shares on various stock exchanges in Israel and overseas.


Legal-Medical Translation

The combined professional ability in an area shared by medicine and law allows us to provide translations of documents that require multi-disciplinary know-how. The firm has along the years handled various proceedings for and against insurance companies, corporal damage claims and the like.


Notarial Translation

 As part of the legal translation services, we provides notarial translation (notary and spostille) handling the arrangement of notarial approvals for various documents and certificates.


Advertising-Marketing Translation (Copywriting)

The company provides advertising-marketing translation services. Advertising translation presents a unique niche of copywriting between languages. The translation does not insist on verbal accuracy against the source text, but on the passing of contents, visions and concepts in a clear and attractive fashion. Emphasis is placed on the message, drafted with the intended reader in mind.


Financial – Economic Translation

The translation firm executes the translation of various financial documents and instruments (e.g. balance sheets and financial statements). A large portion of our work in this field is executed on the capital market.

We acquired vast experience in the translation of prospectuses toward the issuing of shares, as well as boards’ reports and various instruments on the capital market.

Over the years, we have handled the translation of hundreds of prospectuses on various stcok exchanges, in Israel and overseas (AIM, NASDAQ, etc.)


Scientific and Technical Translation

The firm offers its many year experience in technical and scientific translations, e.g. patents, machine books and manual guides. The translation services are offered in various technical and scientific fields, such as computers and hi-tech, transportation and civil engineering, and also in various areas of engineering.


Medical Translations

Medical translations are provided by means of qualified translations, specializing in various branches of medicine.


Psychological and Psychoanalytic Translations

Translations in psychology are exeucted at the firm on behaf of psychometric institutes, assignment companies and human resources deprtments (HR) in large companies. Much experience was gained in the field of psychoanalysis, as the firm performs the translation and editing of essays, work papers and professional works and compositions.


Additional Translation Services

Consecutive translation (simultaneous) is provided routinely in court’s hearing, business meetings and conventions, etc.


Urgent translations are executed according to a special work process, enabling us to provide high level uniform translations within short periods of time.


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