Technical Scientific Translation

We provide translations of scientific and technical documents in various areas: computers and internet, transportation, civil engineering, construction and planning, exact sciences and natural sciences.

All the translations are executed by means of professional translators, according to their mother tongue and specific specialization in specific fields. Along the years, the firm acquired much experience in the translation of technical materials, such as machine books, technical specifications and manual guides, research programs, tenders (RFP, RFQ), professional evaluations and opinions.

In all matters pertaining to scientific and technical translation, special emphasis is placed on a simple and unambiguous drafting. In this context, the translation may deviate from its traditional function, as it does not attempt to be strictly adhere to the drafting in the original, but rather understand correctly and produce a clear and comprehensible document to the reader and user.

According to our approach, a valuable technical translation ought to bear in mind the practical purposes of the document, in order that it will properly serve its designation – application or usage of an appliance, the execution of technical instructions or maintenance of a machine.

Our clientele in this area of translation includes companies from the food industries, transportation, computers, engineering, mechanics and exact sciences,  both in Israel and overseas.



Patent Application Translation

Translation in the area of patents is founded upon an in-depth understanding in the specific field, along with much practical experience in the translation form of patent documents. The translation presents a clear understandable description of the patent or invention involved.


Among our Clients:

Yeda Research and Development Company Ltd. (Weizmann Institute of Science)

Mr-Fix Ltd. (Carmit Group)


Wafios AG, (Germany)


 Scientific and Technical Translation