Medical Translation

Medical Translation

Translations of medical documents are executed by means of professional translators, physicians and other professionals in various medical fields.

Medical certificates and various medical documents, along with medical opinions, researches and analyses are routinely translated by us.

In this area of translation, we have translated and edited several medical textbooks and professional books, including alternative medicine.

A befitting medical translation ought to present a broad understanding of the medical procedures, together with an in depth familiarization with various medical branches, in order to provide a high level translation, which is both correct and constructive to the treating physician (or other professional caretakers) in the intended country.


Psychological and Psychoanalytic Translations

The firm offers vast experience in translating psychological and psychoanalytic contents.

Translations in psychology and psychoanalysis are executed by professional translators, who specilize in this field.

Translations of physiological tests and opinions are executed on behalf of psychometric institutes and assignment companies. In addition, we accumulated much experience in the translation and editing of essays, work papers and professional works  and compositions.


Among our Clients:

The Israel Dental Association

Israel Psychoanalytic Society

Pilat HiCapital Group

ITC Israeli Tan Center