Legal Translation

Many years of experience enabled  us to develop high specialization in legal translation. Court processes, litigations, agreements and other legal instruments make up the daily materials of the translation firm, presenting a central aspect in our services.

The translations are drafted in a clear and accurate language, accord with the original and present high level valid legal documents and instruments.

A worthy legal translation requires capacity and know-how, exceeding mere command of the languages involved. The legal translation ought to present a reliable and precise expression of the legal source. It should stem and rely upon a fundamental understanding of both procedure and legal terminology. A valuable legal translation should also incorporate insight of the differences between various legal systems in different countries.


Legal-Financial Translation (Capital Market)

Our rich experience at the junction of legal and financial fields enable us to provide qualitative translations that combine legal understanding together with professional and financial know-how, particularly in all matters pertaining to the capital market.


Legal-Medical Translation

The firm presents a combination of translation capabilities in the legal and medical fields. This combined ability in an area common to medicine and law allows us to execute translations of documents that require know-how and understanding in both areas. The firm has along the years provided translations in numerous cases and proceedings for and against insurance companies, corporal damage claims and the like.


Notarial Translation (Notary)

Notarial translation of wills, certificates and various documents, pursuant to the issuing of notarial approvals and apostille.

Familiarization with various procedures in different countries allows us to provide consultation with respect to the certificates that are required in such countries by the designated authorities.

We accompany the process up to the point of completion and receipt of the notarial approval.


Among our Clients:

Yigal Arnon & Co. Law Firm

Steinmetz, Haring, Gurman & Co. Law Firm

Goldfarb Seligman & Co. Law Firm


Legal Translation