Marketing Translation

Advertising translation and marketing translation present a unique niche. The translation in this field does not attempt to resemble the source material, but to optimally convey the notions at the heart of the text. Slogans and catch-phrases do not always translate easily, and creative thinking is required, in order to provide an appropriate solution in the target language.

The translation in this sense is to a large extent copywriting between languages. It endeavors to deliver the notions, reflected through the text, as well as nuances and sensations that the original text conveys. Preference therefore is given to catchwords over an explanatory text.

In this fashion, at times the solution in the translated language out shadows the original.

The translation of advertising and marketing contents calls for an intelligent, sophisticated solution to the passing of slogans and messages between languages, as well as fine observations relating to cultural difference between the audiences in the two languages involved.

At the same time, the translated text is drafted in a manner, intended to provide a pleasant experience to the reader, keeping his attention on the text and enticing him to continue reading and absorbing the messages.


Website Translation

Advertising translation includes the translation of websites. In this area, the translation is divided into informative contents, where the translated text takes a clear and understandable nature. At the same time, much attention is also devoted to the drafting of the website in an attractive way. The translation corresponds with the notions expressed, while locating creative ways to present them in the target language. The translated prion intends to please the reader, evoke interest and allure him to stay on the website for as long as possible.


Literary Translation

We have executed along the years several projects of translation and editing of literary materials. Among others, we were entrusted with the translation and editing of a photographic biography of Israeli Prime Minister, Ben Gurion, distributed recently in the US, under the title – A Man with a Vision; the translation and editing of a professional Chinese medicine book on the subject of acupuncture, which is distributed in Europe, entitled – The Book of Balance Method.


Among our Clients:

Erroca Israel Ltd.

New Balance

Mr-Fix Ltd.